Go2Track travel risk management platform.

Quickly find the current travel locations of your employees and communicate with them individually or in groups to ensure their safety, wellbeing and fulfil your duty of care.

Modern business travel means that your employees are conducting important activities on behalf of your company, in more diverse locations across the globe. But how do you keep track of their wellbeing?

Employers are obligated to demonstrate a Duty of Care by actively ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their travelling employees, regardless of their location.

Clarity understands that travel managers need quick, reliable access to their business travellers whereabouts, with real time updates. The ability to support your travellers in the event of a large scale incident, or keeping in touch to continue work activities is a must, that’s why we have developed a tool designed for providing peace of mind, Go2Track. 

How would you reach out to your travellers around the world if you needed to?

Locate your travellers in real time, at any time: Global travel locations are provided on a clear map view and location reporting in a couple of clicks   Give your employees the best preparation for travel: Automated Trip Briefs with FCO, iJet and your own corporate content are delivered directly to travellers.   Time is crucial in a crisis situation: Automated Travel Alerts are sent with priority to travellers in affected areas, and travel managers with a list of affected travellers.   Reach your travellers in an instance: Multi-channel messaging via email, SMS and the Go2Mobile app provides effective communication with travellers.   Travellers check-in their live location: GPS location via the Go2Mobile app allows travellers to update their employer about their current whereabouts.

A tiered Traveller tracking tool for all our clients

We offer 3 different access levels for Go2Track.
Basic Content
  • Comprehensive automated travel tracking of air, hotel, rail, taxi and car hire. View traveller location at country and city level.

  • View ‘who’s flying’ active air travel map, with current and future flight information provided at country, airport and flight number level.

  • Access live travel booking information with important detail such as seat and meal requests.

  • Quickly produce location based reports with traveller details and duration of stay. 
Including FCO Content
  • Integrated FCO Advisory and Alerts, providing updates, travel advice and travel warnings by country within the Go2Track map view.

  • Travellers are automatically provided with a Trip Brief, containing FCO advice for the upcoming destination and any bespoke corporate content required.

  • Travellers are updated with FCO Travel Alerts relevant to their destination, during their trip.

  • Travel managers can view traveller GPS location within Go2Track map view, provided by the traveller via Go2Mobile app.

  • Travel managers can communicate with travellers individually or grouped by location via email, SMS or Go2Mobile app for quick advice and notifications.
Including iJet Content
  • Integrated iJet advisory and alerts, providing professional updates, travel advice and travel warnings by country, city and iJet risk level rating within the Go2Track map view.

  • Travellers are automatically provided with an iJet Trip Brief, containing detailed analysis and professional advice for the upcoming destination.

  • Prioritised iJet automated alerts to travellers located in the region of an emerging incident. These alerts deliver rapid notice of danger or disruption and provide specialist analysis and advice.

  • Travel manager automated alerts providing earliest possible advice of danger or disruption affecting specific travellers in a location.